Donate Pads

In many parts of the developing world, for many different reasons, there are women who are in need of effective menstrual products.It might be too expensive for them to buy disposable products, or they may not even be available at all. This problem affects young women/girls in schools and orphanages (often orphaned as a result of war, or disease), remote village women, women in areas of natural disasters and even women’s shelters. There are thousands of women in need of these basic items we consider a necessity.

In developing countries, some girls stay home from school when menstruating (missing a week of school every month) or drop out completely once they reach that age. If they cannot afford disposables (or there are none available) they have to use whatever they can find. Often leaves or newspapers, cloth rags if they are lucky. Usually these are not absorbent enough.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Aid agencies are already providing menstrual products to women in need, usually disposable ones, but they need your help too. Whether that be to donate unused disposable products, donate reusable cloth pads, or even donate money to aid agencies (some specifically deal with this issue) – there *are* things *you* can do to help.

If you’ve ever made an emergency trip down to the shops to buy a pack of pads or tampons…. think about what it would be like if there were no shops to buy them from, or no money to afford them.

The main focus of this website is to draw attention to this problem and to give ideas of how you can help out. It promotes the donation of reusable cloth pads, as it is felt that this is a better alternative where adequate washing facilities are available – as a reusable product allows the women to take care of their own menstruation without requiring additional ongoing hand-outs.