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Organisations Accepting Donations

There are several organisations who are receiving donations of cloth pads or money, to get menstrual products available to women in need. This list below are some of these organisations. Some organisations deal with schoolgirls alone, some work with older women too, including birthing centres. So you may like to look at each organisation and see how and where they are using the donations, to find an organisation that you would like to support.

If you can sew and would like to make cloth pads to donate, find organisations on this list who will accept your handmade cloth pads. Days for Girls is probably the largest organisation accepting cloth pads, as they have groups (“Chapters”) all around the world dedicated to encouraging people to sew cloth pads to donate – so you may find a local chaper to make it easier for you. They also have strict guidelines on what they will accept however. Or you might choose to support a different organisation to help their distribution.

If you can’t sew and would like to donate money, you can use the list of organisations who accept donations of money. Many of the organisations who accept financial donations only, are using the money to provide disposable menstrual pads, however some will accept money for funding cloth pads too, so please read the information on each organisations website, to see where the money goes.

Please note that this is a list of organisations who have contacted me to be added to the list, or that I have found myself – I have not worked with most of these organisations (only Days4Girls and Shanti Uganda), so I do not know how reliable they are. Donating to an organisation is done at your own risk. If you know of any other organisations accepting donations of cloth pads for impoverished women, please contact us, so that they can be added to this list.

Agencies accepting money and/or cloth pads:

Agencies accepting only money donations:

Businesses selling pads to donate:
These businesses offer some form of donation with your purchase – Either as an ongoing thing, or occasionally. This may be a “buy 1 donate one” deal where for every pad you buy they will donate one to an organisation. They may be selling pads and donating a portion of the profits. They may be selling pads that are donated to organisations (useful for those who want to contribute pads but can’t sew themselves) – or other arrangements. Check the websites for details on what these donations are, and what organisations they are supporting.